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What is bullying?

Bullying can be defined as repeated and unwanted behaviour with intent to hurt another person, physically or emotionally. It can take many forms, including verbal threats, physical assault, calling names, gossiping and cyberbullying.

The legal definition of bullying which specifically relates to someone’s age, sex, disability, gender identity, race, religion or belief, pregnancy and maternity or marriage, is harassment. This is against the law – find information on how to report this bullyingand protect yourself from further harassment.


Counselling for bullying

Whether you are currently being bullied, have been bullied in the past or are affected by it in another way, many people find counselling helpful. A therapist can help you explore what is happening and your options and responses, in private and without judgement.

Bullying may have affected you at an earlier time in your life, but it may have been a factor in developing other issues such as anxiety, depression or low self-esteem.

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