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While many of us can seek support from friends and family, it’s not always possible. Even as adults, it can be scary to ask for help, especially for our own mental health. So, consider how daunting it can be for a child. A child experiencing a mental health problem, or experiencing something they don’t understand; how can they possibly know where to turn?

The first thing to do is not jump to conclusions. Depending on their age, they may be talking to friends about how they feel. They may be talking to their teacher, or another person of authority at school, like the nurse or student support officer. It’s not easy, but don’t be offended if they aren’t opening up to you – sometimes it can be more daunting talking to a parent, than another adult.

If their behaviour has changed, consider what’s happening in their life – is there anything that may have triggered their distress? Situations like moving house, divorce, bullying and bereavement can affect a child greatly, and stress can build when they don’t know how to cope.

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