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For a child, the world in many ways is still relatively unknown. Experiencing the harsh realities of the death of a loved one, and encountering grief for the first time, can make their world even more confusing. Add to this a family unit in its own state of grief and distress, this can become an unsettling time in a child’s life.

While it would be comforting to assume that children are too young to feel the deep emotions that grief can bring, we know this is not so. But with plenty of love, help and support from the people around them, they can get through this sad time.


Helping your child process their feelings

As adults, it’s natural to want to protect children. But what we often don’t realise is that children are much more perceptive and resilient than we’d think – as long as they are told in an appropriate way. So, it’s best to be honest about what has happened as soon as you are able to. Delaying a conversation with them might make it harder for yourself, as well as for the child.

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