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Emotional Abuse




Emotional abuse, sometimes referred to as psychological abuse, is used to describe any type of behaviour that allows someone to gain power and control over another. There are many different types of emotional abuse, all of which gradually undermine the other person’s self-respect.

This can occur in any kind of relationship – be it within a couple, a friendship, amongst family members or colleagues. It can happen at any stage in a person’s life. Spotting the signs of emotional abuse can be trickier than other more overt types of abuse, which can lead to some people overlooking, ignoring, or dismissing the signs. 

Stay safe:

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If you are on the receiving end of emotional abuse, it can be just as damaging and as upsetting as other forms of abuse. Controlling or coercive behaviour are both considered serious crimes.

On this page, we’ll explore how emotional abuse can make you feel, tackle some of the common myths and misconceptions, and look at how you can find help if you are experiencing emotional abuse.

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