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We all have different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving and these are the parts that make us who we are, our personality. We don’t always react in the same way, as our thoughts, feelings and behaviours will often depend on the situation. But most of the time, we behave in quite a predictable way, or pattern. It is these patterns that make up our personality and describe us as kind, shy, selfish, ambitious, loving and so on.

As we mature, our thoughts, feelings and behaviours will start to change. Though generally, our personality will not. Instead, it will develop as we grow old, face new experiences and learn how to cope with life challenges. If you are suffering with a personality disorder however, you may find this difficult.

Living with a personality disorder may mean your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are more difficult to understand and manage. This may mean your attitudes and actions are different from others. People may not understand this, which can leave you feeling low and insecure.

Counselling for personality disorders will help you understand your thoughts and behaviours better. You will learn how to focus on your beliefs, understand how to control your emotions and learn how to manage symptoms. It is important to talk about what you are going through, whether it be with a friend, family member or suitably qualified professional. While there are many different treatment options available, it will depend on your situation. Your counsellor will work with you to understand and decide which one will be most effective.

Seeking help

An important part of your treatment is the relationship between you and the professional. Having someone who you trust and know will support, listen and believe in you is crucial in making sure you are getting the most out of your treatment.

How can I find a counsellor/psychotherapist?

The first step of your journey will be to find a professional that resonates with you. On Counselling Directory we have a proof policy in place. This ensures all professionals listed with us have provided proof of membership with a counselling regulatory body. To help you learn more about them and the way they work, we encourage our members to fill their profiles with plenty of information.

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